Saturday, December 20

Beach Cottage Painting, Beach House Art "Dream Cottage" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

" Dream Cottage" is my version of an ideal spot to enjoy the beach! I can feel the sand between my toes as I get up from the wicker chair for a morning walk! Small spaces have always made me feel cozy and protected! I grew up in a smaller mountain ranch home in the mountains of North Carolina! If there were such a place like" Dream Cottage" , I would be quite content there! This seascape, acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas is yours to enjoy! Beach Cottage Painting, Beach House, Coastal Art

 10"x10"x1.5" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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Wednesday, December 17

Marietta Georgia Landscape Oil Painting "McFarlane Park" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

Getting back out to paint en plein air has been a treat after a cold, rainy Georgia winter! "McFarlane Park" is an oil landscape painting of an old building on the property of McFarlane Park in Marietta, Ga. The lighting and shadows are beautiful there both morning and evening as they fall across the outbuildings there. What a joy it was to paint start this painting in such a beautiful place not too far from my home!

 Marietta, Georgia Plein Air Painting

 8"x8" Oil on Canvass/Available

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Monday, December 15

Original painting by contemporary Georgia french born artist Isabelle Gautier

Lady with The Green Flower  24 x 48

Acrylic with palette knife, one rare silhouette Isabelle Gautier has painted.
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 French Contemporary Flair

Original Watercolor Landscape Painting, Front Porch,Harvest Art "The Gathering" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter


 Autumn of the year is harvesting time! My family and I always love to venture outdoors to enjoy the colorful bounty seen this time of year! Seeing the old porch scene, pumpkins, and rough hewn wood, reminds me of my childhood growing up in the mountains of North Carolina! My inspiration for "The Gathering" came from fond memories and from several tubes of watercolor paint!

15"x22" Watercolor/Available

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Saturday, December 13

Georgia Landscape Painting, Tree Painting,"Natural Beauty" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

Occasionally  a painting will have to get a makeover! "Natural Beauty" is an oil on canvas landscape painting of a mountain area that I love to visit! There are so many gravel roads to walk with breathtaking views of trees and grassy fields! Walking in the woods is like getting a mental makeover! 

 24"x20" Oil on Canvas/Available

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Saturday, December 6

Contemporary Artist Isabelle Gautier's Art at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty,

3 x (48 x 48) acrylic on canvas, "Blue Ridge I, II,III"

Earlier this year these three paintings  "Blue Ridge I, II,III" were part of the Southern Appalachian National Juried Show, now they are nicely covering the walls of a meeting room at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty, 

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Contemporary French Flair

Friday, December 5

Original Watercolor Painting Figure Painting, Art Gallery Painting"Art and Music" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

One can almost hear music wafting through the art gallery as gallery patrons are drawn to contemplate the painter's intention. In the watercolor painting, Art and Music, two of the patrons seem to have a serious appreciation for the experience while another is somewhat detached. Don't judge too soon! The handsome gentleman could be looking for the artist's website on his IPhone. If you've never attended an opening reception at an art gallery, don't miss the opportunity! In most cities gallery owners often introduce new artists with wine and cheese gatherings!

14"x11" Watercolor/Available

Original Watercolor Painting Figure Painting, Art Gallery Painting

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Thursday, December 4

Atlanta Floral Art

commission a painting
©1990-2013 Flowers in Vase painting by Jill Saur, all rights reserved
I love Van Gogh.  People often associate Van Gogh with his tumultuous life and don't realize that he  was a  master artist and an expert in color theory.

A few weeks ago I was inspired to paint this thickly textured palette knife painting using brilliant azure blues, effusive reds, and warm golds.  Though spontaneously painted,  I still apply color theory and the rest of the elements of principle and design.  After concentrating on using those elements for so many years, they just seem to come naturally to me now.  So, when someone asks me how long it takes me to complete a particular painting,  I'm tempted to say, "Oh, about thirty years or so."  However, I just smile and say, "Long enough".

This 16"x20" textured acrylic palette knife flower painting is titled, "Red on Blue".  This painting sold through one of my representing galleries.  I'm extremely thankful to have folks who appreciate and love my work.  If you're interested in purchasing a similar original, please consider commissioning a painting with me.

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Wednesday, December 3

Maritime Art,Seascape,Sailboat Art Paintings"Anchored In Beaufort " by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

The beauty of the low country is unique in the quality of light, the charming little seaside towns, and the beautiful boats which move about on the water. "Sailing to Beaufort" is a seascape, oil painting on canvas, depicting the journey by boat to Beaufort, S.C., on the intercoastal waterway which flows to the Atlantic Ocean! I am so ready to visit this area again!

 8"x16"x7/8" Oil on Canvas/Available

 $345.00 Click HERE to purchase.

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