Saturday, October 18

Georgia Historic Home Landscape Painting In Progress "Gould's Corner" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

I am posting the intiial stages of a new painting of a historic home in Augusta, Georgia. My intent is to help you understand the creative process. Before I toned the canvas I did a pencil sketch of the subject matter in my sketchbook. While drawing I decided on the composition for the painting and noted my light , medium, and dark values of the painting. 

Check back Saturday to see the stages of development in this painting!!

Wednesday, October 15

Still Life Interiors Oil Painting, Desk, Chair Windows "The Comforts of Home" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

Georgia recently had a snowfall which both delighted and complicated life in a busy city! I was fortunate to be able to stay in my studio and paint while the snow softly fell to the ground. The view from my corner window inspired "Enjoying the Snowfall", an interiors oil painting on canvas panel. This is how I capture special times for your and my enjoyment!!

 10"x8" Oil on Panel/SOLD

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Tuesday, October 14

Lake Lanier Painting by Atlanta Artist, Jill Saur

art commission atlanta ga
©1990-2014 Lake Sunset Painting by Jill Saur, all rights reserved
My 36"x48" oil painting above is a  rendition of a spectacular sunset over Lake Lanier just outside of Atlanta, Ga.  To see more of my paintings, or to commission a special piece for your home or office, please visit my website.  CLICK HERE  To contact me:  CLICK HERE    

Thanks for viewing! - Jill Saur

Monday, October 13

Marsh Grass Landscape, Impressionism Landscape "Spring Marsh" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

Marsh grasses have their seasons where the grasses take on a variety of colors and textures according to the time of year. The patches of color intermingled with the sky reflections on the marsh waters make for pleasurable viewing!! "Spring Marsh", a large landscape oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas is inspired by South Carolina low country marsh vistas. Do you have a favorite time of year to enjoy the marsh landscape?

 30"x40"x1.5 Oil On Gallery Wrapped Canvas /Available

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Saturday, October 11

Original Georgia Marsh Land Landscape Painting "Quiet Marshes" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

The beautiful southern marshes have many moods. "Quiet Marshes" introduces you to the subtleties of a soft sultry lighting experienced in midmorning on the marsh lands of the Southeast. This landscape oil painting is inviting you to move through the grasses and view the vibrating colors and textures often missed! The next time you look at marsh grasses enjoy their variations of color as they recede in the landscape!

20"x16" Oil on Canvas/Available

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Wednesday, October 8

Georgia Landscape,Garden Painting "Waiting in the Wine Garden" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

Original Watercolor Georgia Landscape,Garden Painting

                                     9.5"x6.5" Watercolor on Paper

                                    This painting is SOLD/Commissions welcome!!

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Monday, October 6

Winter Scene Snowman Painting "The Pink Scarf" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

Snowmen are just as individual as we human beings, don't you think!!! We had a pretty snowfall in Georgia last week! This fat little guy got my attention especially when the sunlight made such a pretty contour on his left side (my right)! " The Pink Scarf", a figure painting in oil, gave me something to really focus on the ice kept us inside for about four days! 

5"x7" Oil on Panel/Available

$75.00-Click HERE to purchase.

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Saturday, October 4

Bird Oil Painting "Best Restaurant In Town" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter


 I have so enjoyed having a birdfeeder in view of my kitchen window! There seems to be constant activity since the feeder borders the wooded area! Best Restaurant In Town, a small oil painting on panel, is inspired by the need to capture one of the habits of these tiny creatures!

 6"x8"/ $96.00 Click HERE to purchase.

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Friday, October 3

Rejoice in Gladness | Abstract Figurative Painting by Contemporary Artist Kristye Addison Dudley

"Rejoice In Gladness" © Kristye Addison Dudley

15" x 30" Original Painting Acrylic on Canvas Using Palette Knife

Contemporary Female Dancer

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Wednesday, October 1

Bird Oil Painting "The Perfect Perch II" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter


Birds bring a lot of enjoyment to human beings! It is exciting to see them at the bird feeder in my garden! In the southern portion of the United States we often see the Robin. A chubby little Robin outside my art studio is the inspiration for my wildlife oil painting on canvas titled "The Perfect Perch". The vertical orientation of the canvas in "The Perfect Perch" gives you a feeling of being outdoors,looking up into the trees at the precious bird!

 24"x12" Oil on Canvas

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